Tools of the Trade

At Sportacular, we pride ourselves in using the best tools to re-create your unique customized message or logo on a garment.  As it’s name implies, Sportacular specializes in creating unique designs for sporting teams and spirit wear.  Kay is proficient in using CorelDraw where the customer can view the actual design before application to the garment.

Shown below is part of the design process -- from creation on the laptop, to cutting of the twill on the plotter, to finished sweatshirt.  The same design was screenprinted on t-shirts for the parents to cheer on their swimmers at meets.


Your artwork is created using Corel Draw
software, and prepared for the twill cutting
process on our plotter.
Your custom design is processed,
cut and created on our plotter
from the original art file.
Tajima Dual Head Embroidery Machine Additional design elements are
embroidered using our state of the art
Tajima dual head embroidery machine.
The finished sweatsirt shows the
custom design and additional embroidered
elements that make an attractive end product.
T-Shirt screen printed with custom design
that matches the team sweatshirts.
Great for showing team support!